Phone holster – review

Product: Phone holster with leg strap

Brand: The Horse Holster

Horse Trail Chicks’ rating: 5 carrots out of 5

I had been looking for quite some time for a way to carry my phone while trail riding, without finding anything that I really liked. My criteria were that it had to be attached to me, not my horse so that if I fell off and he ran away I’d still have my phone, it could not bounce around or interfere with my riding, and not be too bulky.

I was pretty excited when I found the Horse Holster because it meets all of my requirements. It is made of neoprene and can be worn on the leg, around the waist, clipped to a belt, or over the shoulder. I suppose you could also strap it to your arm, but it probably would be too heavy/bulky. There are 2 pockets so you can carry not just your phone but keys, a jackknife (in the closed position!), etc. When you order the holster you specify the length of strap, depending on your size and how you plan to wear it (calf vs. thigh). It also comes in lots of different colors.

I wear mine on my calf. The strap is nice and wide and on the inside is made of a very grippy material so it won’t slip. If you wear it on your thigh it will slip down, so it comes with a little strap that you clip to a belt loop. I tried this but found it was pulling my pants down, so I always wear it on my lower leg.

It does not interfere with my riding at all. If I am in the woods I turn it behind my leg so it won’t get banged into a tree or caught on branches. It is very comfortable and I don’t even know it is there. The flap is secured with velcro so I can easily open it with gloves to get my phone out (if your horse spooks at the sound of velcro, you will have to desensitize him/her). The 2nd pocket has a zipper.

I used to wear a small fanny pack for my phone, but it was not comfortable and zipping and unzipping the pouch was a pain. The Horse Holster is far superior.

I also really like the fact that it was designed by a young rider, Brooke Beers, who wanted a better way to carry her own phone. She sells them from her website, and I have seen them in tack shops and on online retailers.

Price: $34.99, possibly a few dollars less at some retailers

Where to order: The Horse Holster website or you favorite online tack shop.